So Dafla and I have these horribly fucked up oc’s named Buddy and Leon.

She does art and I write small ficlets.

I got permission to post the first fic that I wrote about them.

warning there are mentions of gay sex

The morning sun woke Leon even though he kept his eyes firmly shut.

Groaning, he tried to roll over to avoid the light, but instantly gave up after his entire body protested against all movement. The weight that pinned his torso to the mattress might also have something to do with that, but Leon’s thought process was not the quickest at the moment.

Leon couldn’t remember the last time he was this hung over, but that just might be the woke-up-ten-seconds-ago talking.

His mouth tasted like alcohol, popcorn, and was that weed? Shit. Father could very well decide not to be as generous with Leon’s allowance if he found out. He would have to brush his teeth as soon as possible because the mix of flavors (and probably smells. God.) were positively vile.

Leon did not want to be disgusting and hung over, so he should probably do something about that. “Toothbrush” he muttered, still unmoving with closed eyes. That would be a solution, yes, but getting up to fetch his Phillips electric toothbrush would be too much effort right now.

In pure frustration Leon decided to punch the object on top of him off. After a moment or three he realized that an inanimate object should not grunt in response to being punched.

Slowly cracking his eyes open, after carefully inspecting the immediate area, Leon realized that an arm had been on top of him. A hairy and very male arm.  An arm connected to a certain freeloader.

Since it was still early on in the morning according to the not too trustworthy alarm clock on the nightstand, Leon was certain that going back to sleep despite this site was the appropriate response.



Waking up four hours later to Buddy talking in his sleep is not really the wakeup Leon would have liked.

It’s not until then Leon realizes that he’s naked, the man beside him is naked and fucking shit no.

Being kicked in the ribs and falling to the floor, taking some of the silk sheets with him, is probably not the wakeup call Buddy would have liked.  Leon was beyond caring and he has no memories of the night before, but his possibly alcoholic (he wouldn’t quite say) friend just might.

A shout of something resembling “FUCKING HELP ME EARTHQUAKE” told Leon that Buddy was still alive after the fall. It also told him that loud noises were so not going to cure his hangover.

Buddy sat up, proving once again that hangovers were something foreign to him and that just might have been the only time Leon envied him. “Hey I know you don’t like me stealing your bed and all but I’m still drunk,” Buddy mumbled, “and this is not the socially acceptable way of waking somebody- whoa you’re naked.”

Leon responded by managing to kick Buddy’s shoulder despite still laying down. “What happened?” he stared as darkly as he could, hangover and sleep deprived as he was.

“Judging from our current state, I’d say we’ve had some gay sex,” was Buddy’s clever answer, which he delivered with a wink. “Kinky gay sex, since you’re still wearing your tie.”

Leon just groaned, buried his face in his pillow and proceeded to flip Buddy off.

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